A vision


If I could
But take inside
to heart,
the grace of forgiveness

would I be new.

— Robin Izer (robinizer@earthlink.net)

[Following is my interpretation of a collective vision. I first experienced it with other members of Global Family* in Marin County, California, in January 1990.]

Like so many others, I dream of a livable and sustainable world of peace, harmony, mutual respect and non-violent conflict resolution, a new world in which humanity achieves its full human/divine potential.

My dream includes a vision of a Global Day of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, a day in my lifetime when the whole world — families, communities, religious and ethnic groups, majorities and minorities, races and nations — will come together to ask for forgiveness for harms done by themselves or others, to offer forgiveness to those who have done them harm and to reconcile with each other.

Isn’t this is an idea whose time has come, must come before we destroy ourselves and ruin our home, the Earth? ­What if millions or billions of people engage in a collective act of absolution and redemption? Might that bring unprecedented healing to the human race and all other living beings? Could it also result in a major shift in human consciousness?

* Global Family is a spiritually-based non-profit organization that works domestically and internationally to promote the oneness of all beings.

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